Never lose focus again with functional music for deep work.

Infinite-length ambient music soundscapes to get you into Flow State on demand.

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Add audio to your productivity toolkit.

Infinitely Unique

Real-time procedural generators means music lasts as long as you need.

Synced to You

Sync tracks with Pomodoro or Flow Time.


Rain sounds, binaural beats, cafe ambience - you choose.


Our list of free tracks rotates each week.

"I use it almost everyday during work, gets me into a space of focus very quickly."

Tareque Hossain testimonial picture

Tareque Hossain

Software Engineer

"I listen to your music at work pretty much all the time! I love the idea of procedural music and I truly feel you are a pioneer in this area."

Chris Jacobs testimonial picture

Chris Jacobs

UI/UX Designer

"...and wow, I can't believe it's free!"

Ellie Taylor testimonial picture

Ellie Taylor

Student @ UCLA

Flowful Premium listeners work at:


Just set and forget.

Flowful is a collection of procedural generators, meaning the music never stops. Say goodbye to distracting recommendations and crazy unwanted shuffles.

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Major track image

Customize based on task or preference.

Whether you like Binaural Beats, cafe ambience, or just plain white noise, you can combine tracks to create your own custom soundscapes.

Make music work with you.

Use our time-sync tools, such as Pomodoro, to create the perfect concentration environment.

Flowful creates simple, but pleasant algorithmic focus music that lasts as long as you need it to. It's ambient by design, meaning it fades into the background and keeps your mind focused.

Harness the power of sound.

Use music as a productivity tool, rather than a gateway to procrastination.