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Flowful's mission is to keep people focused for as long as possible.

Our music stops focus drift and enables the use of music to block distractions. Flow state is our #1 aim!

Why Flowful?

Flowful's music is procedurally generated, meaning that in real-time, the music is created from scratch in your web browser. This allows for each track to last forever, eliminating the need for playlists, shuffles or breaks in the music.

This site was born out of frustration with crazy shuffles that can occur on streaming platforms at the end of a playlist. Going from quiet ambient music to a dance banger completely breaks flow and means a manual switch is necessary.

Why listen to music while focusing?

At our core, we have two different types of attention: conscious and unconscious. When we have a task at hand, and want to get it done, we give it our conscious attention, and work to focus on just that task while ignoring other external distractions.

But while this is happening, our unconscious attention is still at play, and is constantly looking for other things to latch onto - be it a sound in the room, an advert on the side of the page, or a distracting recommendation after an educational YouTube video.

The point at which your conscious attention gets fatigued from trying to ignore these temptations is when that lack of focus occurs.

Audio, of the correct variety, can help to keep that unconscious attention satisfied and stop it overriding our specific intention to concentrate on that key task. It does this by cutting out a whole area of distraction possibilities and replacing it with something just enough to keep our unconscious attention satisfied.

Flowful notes

Who made Flowful?

Just one guy! I'm a software engineer and a music producer, who got tired of Spotify shuffling from an ambient playlist into my usual dance tastes and so I wanted to make a better alternative.

I write all of the code, which in turn produces the music you hear. I record all of the samples for the music myself - if you want to know more about how it's made, you can check out the FAQ.

You can support me by buying a premium subscription, or contact me here.

What's the Flowful referral program?

It's a way you can get one month of free premium by sharing Flowful with your friends. You can get your referral link via the button below (you must be signed in), or via your profile page.
If three people make an account on Flowful after clicking your link, your account will automatically be credited with a month of premium.

Can I earn money as an affiliate?

Yes! The Flowful affiliate program is seperate from the referral program and pays you 20% of every premium sale that is made through your link. Due to the extra admin this requires, this program is reserved for premium members or special cases. Reach out if you would like to join.